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Friday, October 17, 2014

My Slow Takes About Alzheimer’s, Acorns, Hastings and Tony.

1. Meryl Comer has written a book about Alzheimer's entitled, "Slow Dancing With A stranger." It's her story about her husband's Alzheimer’s and the devastation of the disease for both the victim and the family. I remember my Dad and the issues we faced with his Alzheimer's. It was an overwhelming experience for my brother Tom and his wife Karen. They cared for him at their home prior to having him admitted to the VA hospital. 
You can read an excerpt from the book here.

2. Acorns are falling every day, in large quantities. Our driveway has so many, I can’t keep it clean. The crunching of our tires on these hard shells is a steady reminder for me to get out and sweep. There is suppose to be a connection between a cold winter and acorns. If that is true, we’re headed for a cold winter here in Richmond, Virginia. However, according to the Mass Audubon website, excess acorns is a normal cycle in the life of oak trees.
My driveway isn't this bad, but it's close.
I need to hire this little fellow to clean my driveway.
3. I finished painting a Church for my historical miniatures. It is a plastic kit made by Renedra Limited. It went together easy and I’m pleased with the finished product.

4. On September 28, 1066 William of Normandy landed his Army at Pevensey Bay in England. The following month, October 14, 1066 he defeated Harold of England at the Battle of Hastings.
The Bayeux Tapestry - Battle of Hastings
5. Janis Joplin - “Me And Bobby McGee”

Janis was born January 19, 1943 and died October 4, 1970. She was a talented song writer and singer.

6. The Irish Lads continue their winning streak. ESPN reported that the “50-43 victory Saturday, the highest-scoring game in the 84-year-history of Notre Dame Stadium, wasn't secure for the sixth-ranked Irish until Ben Koyack recovered the Tar Heels' onside kick with 47 seconds left.” Now at 6-0 they travel to Florida to face Florida State.

7. A message from Matthew Kelly about the future of the Roman Catholic religion. It is worth watching.

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