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Friday, October 10, 2014

My Slow Takes About Trains, Football Games, Prayers and Tony.

1. Oct 6, 1866, the the “Reno Gang” were the first to rob a train.

“On the night of October 6, 1866, John and Simeon Reno, along with a man named Frank Sparks, boarded the east-bound Ohio & Mississippi train at the Seymour depot. Once on board, the three masked men made their way to the express car, held a gun on the messenger and stole some $12,000. Afterwards, they pulled the bell rope to signal the engineer to stop the train and jumped off into the darkness when the train slowed. The first recorded peace time train robbery had occurred in just a matter of minutes.”

2. The Richmond Spiders faced double overtime to beat Liberty 46-39. This win places them at 3-2.

“What happens when teams come in here they are not ready for the environment and I made sure my players were ready for that environment here today. The student body was great and the energy was great. So I think that gave us an opportunity to really get off to a really good start. Offensively, we had a lot of rhythm in the first half and a lot of balance. Thing changed a little in the second half, I really felt kind of holistically that Liberty change up its offense coming into this game. It caught us off guard no doubt about it. I knew that Josh [Woodrum] could run the ball. I was telling my coaches all week long that we can't let Woodrum run the ball and they kept saying 'But coach he hasn't been running it' and I just knew that they were going to run him tonight. And boy did he run well. Then it comes down to a couple plays at the end. I think my kids bailed me out there a little bit. We probably should have kicked the ball deep middle. And then for them to bang a 60-yard field goal is something that you don't really see every day. Both teams competed really hard, it was a really big win for me personally, but it is time for us to move on and have some momentum as we get back into conference play.”
-- Richmond head coach Danny Rocco opening statement

3. The Irish Lads played an exciting game against Stanford winning in the last minute of the game. With 1:01 left to play, fourth and eleven, receiver Ben Koyack caught his first pass of the season. It happened to be the winning pass. They are now undefeated at 5-0.

4. “Over the Rainbow” was written for the movie “Wizard of Oz.” Judy Garland sang the song. It was 1939 and it is still being recorded and sung on television and in movies. 

The Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole version.

5. My sister-in-law Karen is going in for a biopsy of her lung next week. Please pray for her and her family.

Msgr. Shreve is having an aortic valve replacement this month. Please pray for him as well.

6. The Central Virginia Women’s Cursillo is the weekend, October 9-12, 2014. Please pray for the team members and candidates.

7. This is Michael Weatherly, aka Anthony DiNozzo, playing the guitar and singing. He would not make it on “The Voice.” He is great portraying an NCIS “Senior Agent: on NCIS.

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