"Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset." Saint Francis De Sales

Friday, September 26, 2014

My Slow Takes About Prayer, West Side Story, and Buffalo Bill’s Football.

1. Steve Givens provided a thought provoking prayer for Saturday morning. I read the prayer two or three times, allowing the words to settle in my mind. Warmth, light, healing, need and change. It provided another way for me to appreciate the gifts that God provides.

2. The Spiders lost a close game at home last Saturday. The New Hampshire Wildcats won, 29-26. Richmond is now 2-2.

"The game was back and forth," Richmond head coach Danny Rocco remarked following the game.  "I had a sense that it would be a little lower scoring than what most people might have thought. Both defenses rose up to the occasion at times in the game. I think the biggest thing for us was the inability to take away the ball."
3. West Side Story premiered on Broadway on September 26, 1957. This is Dee’s most favorite musical. She knows the words to the songs and could probably recite Maria’s lines if prompted.
Richard Beymer & Natalie Wood from the movie.
4. Dee and I were at the Bill’s game on Sunday. Although they lost to the Chargers we still enjoyed being there. At halftime, Andre Reed was presented with his Pro Football Hall of Fame ring. It was great to be there and listen to the fans chant, Andre-Andre-Andre …..

5. Our tail-gate party cook.

6. Football Fans
Me, Dee & son Eric
My brother Tom, Aunt Beth & Me
7. We stayed at Eric and Lynne's house while in Buffalo. Lynne always buys Panera bagels and cream cheese to have for breakfast. The boys, Justin and Conner, take turns playing "Halo" with me. Eric and I shared wines and conversations on life and family. It was an enjoyable week. Dee took this photo of Logan and I watching NCIS reruns.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

My Slow Takes About Quebec, Randy Travis and Young Missionaries.

1. The “Battle of the Plains of Abraham” occurred in the French Province of Quebec, September 13, 1759. The battle led to the defeat of the French in North America, ending the French and Indian War. The video is a CBC reconstruction of the battle. Thank you to Ralphus at Flintlock and Tomahawk.

2. Richmond Spiders added another win by beating Hampton Saturday afternoon. They are now 2-1.

"Today was a complete team victory, a good team win. It was important for me and the staff to be calm, show some poise this week and show some confidence in our players.  Our depth shows that we can play a number of different ways and I think in the long run that will benefit us. I think we are in a good spot heading into week four."
-- Richmond head coach Danny Rocco

3. The Irish Lads cooled the Purdue Boilermakers shutting them down in the second half. The first two quarters were exciting as both teams fought for yardage. Purdue 14 and Notre Dame 17. A great start for the season, 3-0. The next opponent are the Syracuse Orangemen on Saturday the 27th.
4. Randy Travis earned the American Music Award of 1989 for his song, “I Told you So.” In 2009 he performed a duet with Carrie Underwood on “American Idol.”

5. One of the local squirrels came up to our front door the other morning. I told him no solicitors and no food.
I don't no stinkin' peanuts, just Cheez-its!
6. Katie Hargrove is one of the young members of our “Church of the Epiphany” community. She is participating in the “Fellowship of Catholic University Students.” She is need of prayers and/or donations to assist her in her mission. Information at “FOCUS.”

“We commit to build our own relationship with Christ, live Christ-centered lives, and meet college students where they are. By reaching out and building friendships with them, we gain the opportunity to introduce them to Christ and His Church. We equip those students who accept an invitation to a deeper relationship with Christ by investing in them one-on-one (for 1 hour/week) in Discipleship . In Discipleship, we "Teach teachers to teach" (2 Tim 2:2), so that they go on to successfully lead others to the foot of the Cross. We also lead 2-3 weekly bible studies, plan outreach events and make ourselves radically available to the students on the campus where we serve.” 

7. Anna Murphy, another young Epiphany community member, has joined “The World Race.” It is an 11-month, 11-country journey in which participants discover the power of God to change lives, as they minister and serve around the world.” She is also in need of prayers and or donations. Information at Adventures in Missions.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

My Slow Takes About Eutaw Springs, IORB, Ben King and Remembrance.

1. The Virginia Cavaliers squashed the Spiders last weekend. That puts our team at 1-1 for the start of the season. 

2. Michigan State was shutout by the Irish Lads 31-0. This is the first time in 30 years. Notre Dame now 2-0 and face Purdue at home this Saturday.

3. On September 8, 1781 Nathanael Greene and his Colonials attacked a British encampment at Eutaw Springs in South Carolina. The British, under Alexander Stewart, had not expected the attack. The battle continued over four hours with intensive fighting and many casualties.  Neither side could gain an advantage so finally they both retired. The next day Stewart withdrew to Charleston. Greene had successfully prevented the British from controlling South Carolina.

4. The International Organization of the Red Bandannas (IORB) held a meeting in Duck, N.C. this year. Absent, and missed, were Bill and Tony. 

Me, Roger, Dave, Jack & Lou.
5. Support wives for the IORB.

Susan, Brenda, Maureen, Dee & Jeanine
6. “Save the Last Dance for Me” was recorded in 1960 by Ben King and the Drifters. It was a ”US Top 10” hit in 1961 and once again in 1986.

7.    Remembrance .......

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Friday, September 5, 2014

My Slow Takes About My Brother’s Favorite Song, College Football, Duck, N.C. and Medieval Bath Time.

1. On September 3, 1964, the Animals, “House of The Rising Son,” became #1 on the U.S. pop charts. My brother Tom loves this song. 

2. The season has begun! 

Michael Strauss and the Richmond Spiders triumphed over Morehead State. The Irish Lads, led by Everett Golson, were victorious over Rice.
3. Morning clouds in Duck, North Carolina.

4. A morning sun in Duck, North Carolina.

5. The “Beach Group,” dinner gathering at The Colington. Photo taken by our waiter, Corey, using my iPhone.
Jack, Roger, Me, Lou, Dave, Jeanine, Brenda, Dee, Susan & Maureen
6. This is by Editor Mike at the “Wargames Website.” I picked it from “Gentlemanly Wargaming.”

7. Some miniature figures from Paul’s Bods. Medieval bath time.

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