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Friday, March 27, 2015

$20 Bills, Listen, Karina and Kelly.

My Slow Takes

1. “Women on 20s,” is a website that wants to get a woman’s face on the $20 bill. My choice, based on the 15 candidates listed on the website is: 

“CLARA BARTON (1821-1912) As an educator she founded the first free school in New Jersey. As a nurse during the Civil War she brought food and medical supplies directly to the front lines, earning her the nickname “angel of the battlefield.” And when she learned about an international relief organization in Europe that was always at the ready, she came back home and lobbied for the creation of the American Red Cross and for 23 years served as its president.”

2. Anthony DeCristofaro, in his article, “According to Your Word,” wrote about listening to the Lord. We make attempts, but sometimes not the time. “The challenge is to stop everything else that you are doing and spend three minutes with the Lord.” To assist us in this endeavor, the Carmelites have a website that will help. I tried it and it works.

3. Karina Sanger was born ten weeks too early. Her parents, Erica and Mark are asking for your prayers. Here is the latest information as of Thursday morning, March 26.

"Good morning.

Today is another big day for Karina. Your prayers are always heard and are
forever appreciated.

A brief update:

They started giving Karina breastmilk last night. We're prayerful that her
stomach tolerates the 2ml/hour and that her system processes/digests 75% of it (at least) today.

They did the MRA (in an MRI machine) yesterday afternoon. Specifically,
we're prayerful that the ongoing fluid reduction in her brain has
reduced/eliminated any blood vessel swelling. We're also prayerful that the
pressure-reduction is allowing nerves to flourish.

We'll get updates on both later this morning. Your prayers for a good report
x2 would be excellent.

Her vitals were good yesterday....she was looking around a lot. She
responded well to light, touch and sound. 

She's our miracle baby in so many ways...and every hour is giving us reasons to thank Him for her....and thank Him for the prayers, support and
encouragement of our family and good friends.

Bless each of you this Thursday for your love and support.

Erica and Mark"

4. Sunday’s Spider's basketball game, against Arizona State, was close. We won, 76-70, in overtime. On Tuesday the Spiders faced the Miami Hurricanes. Everything was going well in the first half. Then Miami came back in the second half winning the game 63-61. We are out of the NIT, but it’s been a fun season and we are looking forward to next year. Thank you Coach Mooney, his staff and the entire Spider team!

The Spider Sweeties
The Fans, Brenda, Lou, Dee, Jeanine, Dave, Pam, Tony, Maureen, Jack and Me.
5. This is a quote from Steve Givens, “Today’s Word: Available.”

As Sarah Thebarge, author of “The Invisible Girls,” writes:

“Love will cost you dearly.
And it will break your heart.
But in the end, it will save the world.”

6. Dear Kelly,

You are an excellent example of a loving mother. I have been reading your blog since 2012. It contains much about your love, humor, faith and spiritual journey. I am a Dad and have had the experience raising three boys. There were times dealing with illness, money issues, uncertainty, doubt and frustration. Like you, I am part of a team. Dee and I worked together, maintained our love for each other and our family. We relied on our faith and trust in God. It was not easy, but He provided the support. 

A toast that God continues to bless you and your family.
7.  Joe Cocker - “You Are So Beautiful”

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  1. I 100% agree with your choice of Clara Barton as the first woman to have her face on American currency: the perfect example of a powerful and Godly woman who was far ahead of her time!