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My Coffee Mugs

Our son Eric gave me a new coffee mug from his current company, Nimble Storage. I enjoy my coffee and have a number of favorite mugs that I use. My collection includes mugs from different companies that I used to work for. It is not a large collection but holds fond memories of places and people. Some of them are now pencil holders and sit on my desk. One of those is from Allstate, “Leave it to The Good Hands People.” When you pick up the mug it plays the old jingle.

There are mugs that I received as gifts. A SUNY Fredonia mug from our son Todd. My brother Tom gave me a mug that has American flags from 1775 to 1822. Our granddaughters have presented me mugs with hand prints and notes of love. There were others, but breakage has taken its toil.  

If new mugs arrive, I'll add them here.

Nimble Storage

SUN Microsystems

Allstate and Homelite

Granddaughter Mugs

SUNY Fredonia and American Flags

TRW and GCSS-Army
Birthday Mug 2015 - Front View

Birthday Mug 2015 - Rear View

My new coffee mug from Brenda.

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  1. That's rather brave of you to post your mugshots on your blog. Not everyone would have the courage to do that. The ones from your granddaughters are my personal favorites.