"Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset." Saint Francis De Sales

Friday, August 1, 2014

My Slow Takes About Fr. John, Steve Givens, Jim and Shane.

1. Our Pastor, Father John made his Cursillo last weekend. Dee and I attended the closing and enjoyed listening to him talk about his experiences. He said what a wonderful blessing it would be if everyone in our parish would attend a Cursillo weekend.  

2. On Monday, “Today’s Word,” by Steve Givens was “afraid.” He said that “the fear that God delivers us from is the fear of being alone and helpless when things happen. That life is fragile and always ends in physical death and separation from those we love is one of the harshest realities we learn.” There is hope and it is “be not afraid.” God asks us to “look beyond what we cannot see.” We should seize and hold firmly God’s hand. His hand is always there for us, we are never alone.
I have many friends who are going through illnesses that will be changing their lives and I pray for them daily. Steve has made me realize that I should not fear for them. I should not be afraid for what my future holds. I should take hold of my love in God and walk boldly ahead. 

3. Cancer affects many people I know. Some of it has been devastating and some of it has been cured. There is also recurring cancer. That which lingers and plagues us. A constant reminder of how horrible the illness is. My brother-in-Christ, Jim, has this type of cancer. He has been living with it for over 19 years. He doesn’t complain and he is not afraid. His faith and love of God keeps him strong. His love and support of others is overwhelming. He visits the sick, brings them comfort and prayer. He is the overseer who reaches out to our Epiphany community asking for assistance for those who need it. Never for himself. My “inbox” contains weekly and sometimes daily updates on those who require prayer. We are blessed to have him and pray that God gives him many more years here on earth. Please add Jim to your  prayers this week.

4. This beach art was shared by my cousin Marina. It is much better than the sand castles I build.

5. The new “man-cave” is filling in nicely. Here are a couple of pictures showing my computer desk and hobby table. There is room to place a second hobby table for gaming.

6. On April 1, 1953, Paramount Pictures released the movie, “Shane.” The leading character, Shane, was played by Alan Ladd. It is know as one of the greatest westerns made. I didn’t see the movie until the 1960’s, but it held my attention and reinforced my love of westerns.

Alan Ladd
7. My favorite commercial. Jessie riding off into the sunset with Daisy calling him. A little different from the old Western movies.

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  1. Great blog Paul. I really enjoyed your take on Steve Givens word of the day. I didn't know that about Jim so I learned something new. Like your new man-cave!

  2. I love to make "connections" on the internet, and while cruising through Jen's 7QT, Steve's name just jumped out at me, so I wandered over here. (Steve is a friend of ours). I like his post on "afraid" as well--was good for me to read right now. And yes, will keep Jim in my prayers this week.