"Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset." Saint Francis De Sales

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Slow Takes (Vol. 118)

1. Our son Todd joined Dee and I for an afternoon at the “Central Virginia Celtic Festival & Highland Games.” The weather was a bit rainy but not cold. We visited the Clan Turnbull tent and met Wally Turnbull who is the President of the Turnbull Clan Association. My mother's Scottish clan. Yes, I wear the Turnbull kilt at these functions.

The Greater Richmond Pipe and Drums, my band when I played the pipes, were competing. It was good spending time with them and then cheering them on as they won 1st place.

Ate some great fish and chips and drank a few pints of Guinness. Dee was our designated driver.

Me & Wally Turnbull
The Greater Richmond Pipe & Drums
2. The Irish Lads held the USC Trojans 14-10 Saturday. Gary Klein wrote about it in the “Los Angeles Times.” They head to Colorado to face Air Force this Saturday the 26. 
Record at 5-2.

3. “Our Story in 2 Minutes” is a video put together by a high school student. An excellent job.

4. On October 25, 1854, Lord James Cardigan led the charge of the Light Brigade cavalry against Russian artillery. More details at Wikipedia.
I enjoy classic movies and one of my favorites is “The Charge of the Light Brigade.” Made in 1936, it starred Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. A great historical fiction film.  

Nigel Bruce, Errol Flynn, Patrick Knowles 1936 - Charge of the Light Brigade

The Light Brigade - 1936 Movie
5. Randy Booth has been writing about two young children from the same family. Two year old Evan joined out Father on October 12, 2013 while his older sister Sadie is in the hospital. I don’t know the details, but both were in an auto accident. Sadie is recovering, slowly. Prayers for the children and family are welcomed.
On Tuesday, Randy wrote a beautiful blog, “Bitter-Sweet.” This is his first paragraph. It touched my heart and reminded me of God’s love for us.

“This past week I have been reminded of the fact that all of this life is bitter-sweet. Every sweet thing has some taint of a fallen world, yet in every bitter thing there are remnants of the sweet, unfallen world as well. Even in the greatest of what we call “tragedies,” even in the darkness, the power and goodness of God shines forth and hope moves us forward. God mends, saves, and resurrects. He brings good out of evil. Even in the storm, He comes to us. In our weakness He is made strong; and He makes us strong. While we cannot usually see very far ahead, nevertheless, if we can see Him in the storm, if we can hear His still small voice, then we have a Lighthouse that will bring us to safety. “Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, ‘I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life’” (John 8:12).”

6. The Apple iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina display, Mac Pro, New MacBooks and free OS X Mavericks. Read about these new announcements here at “USA TODAY.” 

7. This is I an interesting message that probably would have made things easier to resolve.

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This week being hosted at Clan Donaldson.

Friday, October 18, 2013

My Slow Takes (Vol. 117)

1. October 14,1066 Duke William of Normandy defeated King Harold II of England. Known as the Battle of Hastings, it ended the Anglo-Saxon era of England.

Death of King Harold - Bayeux Tapestry
2. Phil and Don Everly had their first hit on October 14, 1957. “Wake Up Little Susie.”

3. The Richmond Spiders lost to James Madison 38-31 last Saturday putting them at 2-4. It was a tough loss for the team, and the fans. But the season continues as they face Rhode Island on October 19.

4. Dee and I ate breakfast at this coffee shop while traveling back from Buffalo, New York. It is located in Ellicottville, New York, an area popular for winter skiing. The morning was crisp so some patrons were enjoying their coffee in front of the fire outside.

5. The Church of the Epiphany will be dedicating our new Columbarium on November 2, 2013. This is a picture of me in front of our niche.

6. Msgr. Shreve and Father John, the Epiphany Duo.

7. I'm thankful that our Government is back on track, even though there is still much to be accomplished. Lord please give them the wisdom and patience to arrive at decisions that will he helpful for our country. Help them to understand that their actions affect the people of our country. 

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Friday, October 11, 2013

My Slow Takes (Vol. 116)

1. Dee and I were in Buffalo, New York last weekend and watched the Bill’s squeeze a win over the Raven’s. My sister Kim and her husband Frank coordinated the tailgate party and tickets. A combination of family, friends and great weather made it an enjoyable day.

The Bill's entering the field.
Syracuse University Band at halftime.
2. On our trip to Buffalo we saw “crossing signs” that we don’t see in Virginia. Bears!

3. The Spider’s were off last weekend but face James Madison in Harrisonburg this Saturday. They are at 2-3. 

The Irish lads played a great game against Arizona State winning 37-34. They are at 4-2 and play at home against USC on October 19.

4. October 7 is the 250th anniversary of the Royal Proclamation of 1763. The British Government intended to protect the Native North Americans from infringement on their territories.
“We do further declare it to be Our Royal Will and Pleasure, for the present as aforesaid, to reserve under our Sovereignty, Protection, and Dominion, for the use of the said Indians, all the Lands and Territories not included within the Limits of Our said Three new Governments, or within the Limits of the Territory granted to the Hudson's Bay Company, as also all the Lands and Territories lying to the Westward of the Sources of the Rivers which fall into the Sea from the West and North West as aforesaid.”
The Proclamation drew a line separating the British territory from the Native territory. The land speculators and colonists did not agree with this. The line was pushed back as new treaties were made. The Native population lost land and continued to move further west. More info at Wikipedia.
A portion of eastern North America; the 1763 "proclamation line" is the border between the red and the pink areas.
5. Restoring the Military death benefits is a welcomed decision. What bothers me is that it was allowed to get to this point. We have been through shutdowns before and have not learned a thing. What if we posted a list of  the elected officials who allowed the shutdown. Then when their reelection comes around we don’t support them. Clean out the old and replace with new. Just my two cents.
6. The Senate has a Chaplain and his name is Barry Black. His prayer, as reported by USA Today.

"Lord, when our federal shutdown delays payments of death benefits to the families of children dying on faraway battlefields, it's time for our lawmakers to say 'enough is enough'," Black said. "Cover our shame with the robe of your righteousness. Forgive us, reform us and make us whole."
7. It's raining and has been since Tuesday. I'm okay with the rain as it brings to mind Steve Givens line, "This rain, hitting off the deck outside the door and splashing noiselessly into the thirsty earth, today speaks to me of prayer and the presence of God." Amen.

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