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Historicon July 2015

One of this years shirts, and the one I purchased.

1. Historicon 2015 was held in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This is the fourth year at this historic city. The Fredericksburg Expo & Convention Center is conveniently located off I-95 and has plenty of room for gaming, flea market, meetings and vendors. 

This year one of our guest speakers was Jason Salkey. He played the character “Rifleman Harris” in the British TV series “Sharpe’s Rifles.” The program is based on the Sharpe’s series of novels written by my favorite Historical Fiction writer, Bernard Cornwell. My first game, “Sharpe’s Escort,” was hosted by Robin Empey who happens to be a friend of Jason’s. So, I got to meet him personally. A very nice experience.

2. Here are some games that were being played.

The Battle for Sword Beach, World War II, hosted by Mark Anderson and Bob Loken. 15mm scale.

Ceasar’s Salad, Ancients, hosted by Joe Swartz. 25mm scale.

Soccer! The Battle for Manchester!, Modern, hosted by Bob Wiltrout. 30mm scale.

The Battle of Boetia, Final Chapter in the Greek and Persian War of Empire, Ancients, hosted by Duke Seyfried. 25mm scale

3. My first game was “Sharpe’s Escort.” A fictional Napoleonic game hosted by Robin Empey. The rules were “Green Jackets and Voltigeurs,” using 25mm figures. I was on the English side as a Spanish officer. Our objective was to escort a carriage off the end of the table. We successfully completed that. 

4. The second game was a French & Indian War game, “Skirmish in New France.” It was hosted by Don Hogge using the “Muskets & Tomahawks” rules. The figures were 28mm which is very similar in size to the 25mm figures. In this scenario I was commanding the Canadians. Our objective was to burn three of the five buildings of an English outpost. We burned a total of four buildings which completed our assignment.

5. I enjoyed the game with Robin and was able to get into another game later that day. This time he set up a scenario using his rules, “Buckskins and Rangers.” The time period was the French & Indian War and the scale was 28mm. This time I commanded some French marines. We were to destroy buildings, steal livestock and supplies and take prisoners. The game was exciting and both sides did well bringing a tie to both teams. I like the way the rules work and purchased a copy.

6. My last game was another French & Indian War period. The game was the “Battle of Ticonderoga.” I, as Col. De Levis,  commanded the right flank of the French side. Our objective was to keep the British out of our entrenchments. The game used a combination of two sets of rules, “Brother Against Brother and Regimental Fire & Fury.” The host, Robert Moon, did an excellent job of modifying these for the French & Indian War period. The game moved along quickly, but maintained a pace that everyone was comfortable with. The last turn decided the outcome of the battle. The British successfully stormed a section of the entrenchments thereby completing their objective.

Battlefield showing British forces
Battlefield showing French defenses
The assault
The final melee, victory to the British

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