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Historicon 2016

Historicon 2016 was held in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We continue to use the Fredericksburg Expo & Convention Center, which is an excellent idea. There is plenty of room for gaming and the staff are pleasant and helpful. Gamers and their families can spend time visiting the shops and restaurants of Old Town as well.

My games were fun and the players enjoyable. I started with “The Battle of Camden.” It was with 40mm scale figures that were cast by the host, John Murdaugh. He used the rules, “Disperse Ye Damned Rebels.” 
Unlike the historical battle, the British were unable to complete their objective of destroying the Continentals. Both sides maintained their positions, the Continentals doing a great job of staying on the battlefield. I was on the English side managing the British Loyalist Regiments.

My Loyalists trading shots with the Colonials.

The end of the game showing the standstill

The second game was a French & Indian War game, “Dried Corn & Swampfoot.” It was actually a second part of an earlier game, “The Raid on St. Francis.” For anyone that is a movie buff, you can probably get a copy of “Northwest Passage” from your local library. It’s an interesting movie to watch.

The game was hosted by Robert Moon using a combination of “Brother versus Brother and Regimental F&F rules. The figures were 40mm scale. In this scenario I was commanding French-Canadian Indians. My objective was to eliminate as many English rangers as I could. One of my teammates had to capture Major Rogers. We succeeded in our efforts, everyone on both teams enjoying the game.

My Light Infantry guarding the camp.

End of the game

My last game put me back in an American Revolution scenario. “A Madman’s Steeple Chase - Fun and Frolic During the AWI.” The rules were “Muskets & Tomahawks,” hosted by Miles Reidy. His figures were 25mm scale.

This time I commanded two units of British Light Infantry. At the end of the game they were successfully defending their position. However, there weren't any other British troops to help support them. So, the Colonials, along with their native allies completed a resounding defeat. The game provided the fun and frolic that Miles told us to expect.

My Light Infantry guarding the camp.
End the game where all my friends are leaving.

There were many other games being played over the weekend. Here are just a few. 
Grape Shot on the Chesapeake, with a Hint of Garlic? Hosted by Miles Reidy. 25mm scale, War of 1812.

The Raid on St. Francis. Hosted by Robert Moon. 40mm scale, French & Indian War

Aerodrome 1.1. Hosted by Richard Heffner. 1/72 scale, World War I.

Isandlwana - January 22, 1879. Hosted by Bob Walasin. 15mm scale, Colonial.

Gnome Wars: The Defense of Regensburg. 28mm scale. Hosted by James Stanton.

A special regiment of Minions, complete with an artillery battery, also joined in the assault on Regensburg. 

Then, just when I thought that I had seen everything, "Who ya' gonna call?"

Say "goodnight Gracie."

Gracie Allen & George Burns

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