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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Historical Miniatures

History was one of my favorite subjects to read about when I was in High School. The period that most interested me was the American 17th Century. Canada and the United States during the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. I read every book in the school library and I still read today. My library consists of historical research, novels and movies.

I became involved in historical miniatures, "long, long ago." Dee has been paitent with this hobby and even supports it. She has shopped with me to obtain display cases that fit into our home decor. The photographs of my figures are taken by her and she even attends my gaming conventions. 

My favorite historical miniature blogs, are listed on my blog to share with my readers. The historical knowledge, painting and drawing skills are a few "notches" above my abilities. They provide ideas for my painting and usually send me on research adventures. There is always something to learn.

Me At Play

Jesuit Priests (Figures by Conquest Miniatures)

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  1. hold on - does the one jesuit bloke have a mug of beer!?