"Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset." Saint Francis De Sales

Friday, July 22, 2011

My Slow Takes (vol. 7)

1. The garage door opener was non-repairable. So I installed a new one on Saturday and its works great! Replaced it with a newer model Craftsman. The cashier asked me if I wanted a one or two year warranty for it.

"I'm replacing a 15 year Craftsman with another Craftsman. That's why I'm here." She smiled and rang up my purchase. 

2. Sunday was another busy day but we were able to spent time with Lou and Brenda in the afternoon. It was fun listening to Lou tell us about Italian family "cooking gatherings" when he was younger. The whole family would get together to make supresso type salami. His Aunt Mary was the cook and would mix together pork, salt. pepper, spices and garlic. She never used measuring spoons or cups, just her hands and "pinches" of salt , pepper and spices. Aunt Mary is now making supresso in Heaven. Lou has to settle for a substitute which, according to him, is still very good. He has promised to get some for me when his visits his hometown.

3. Please read Jennifer Fulwiler's blog for Tuesday the 19th. It is funny, refreshing, thought provoking and she quotes my patron saint. It's "4 Steps for Starting Your Day the Right Way."

4. Selling a car should be a rather simple process. However I managed to make it not so simple and let myself become aggravated over small things. 

The first one was having to get the car ready to show right after work. I figured that there wasn't sufficient time and started rushing and getting my wife to finally say to me, "slow down!" The next day when I thought everything was fine and we going forward with the sale it was discovered that I presented the wrong vehicle registration form. Somehow I managed to save the form from an old Mercury that we owned many years ago. I never looked at the details, just grabbed what I thought was the correct form. Once again I started rushing and this time my wife's response was, "take a deep breath."  Later that afternoon she discovered that the credit union never sent us the vehicle registration. She was able to pick it up and finish the sale.

It's a good thing she is there to keep me focused on maintaining my "inner peace." 

5. We have a small staff of beautiful women that clean our office. They are always smiling and take time to talk as they work. Two of them just came by my row of cubicles and cleaned. They are looking forward to the weekend as am I.

It's nice to be with happy people at work.

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