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Friday, July 28, 2017

Enchanted, Games & Arya

1. Last Saturday night, our granddaughters, Eryn and Hailey slept over. It is one of their favorite things to do because it includes movie night with popcorn. Breakfast is usually french toast and then we all head to Sunday Mass.
The movie the girls chose, this visit, was “Enchanted.” It is a Disney movie staring Amy Adams as Princess Giselle. I don’t know how many years we’ve been watching this movie, but I enjoy it each time we do. This time was no different. We sang, laughed, and ate a lot of popcorn. Dee and the girls were all snuggled on the couch. I was comfy in my recliner chair.

2. Historicon 2017 was in Fredericksburg, Virginia again this year. Unfortunately it is the last year, as it will be moving to Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 2018.
This year I was able to play in a couple of games run by Robin of Battlefield Game Designs. The first one was a War of 1812 scenario and the second one was a French and Indian War scenario. The second game was more fun as my son Todd played 

The photos show the game layouts. Robin is in the first photo. 

3. Season 7, Episode 1, of “Game of Thrones,” aired on July 16th. I don’t have HBO, but was fortunate that last weekend HBO was free. So, I sat back and enjoyed the start of the new season. 

I was thinking of getting a shirt with, “Don’t Mess With Arya.” 

Arya Stark

4. Charlie Brown and Snoopy are two of my favorite “Peanuts” characters.

5. Amy Adams - “That’s How You Know.” This is a song that makes me want to go to New York to sing and dance in Central Park.

6. Jon McLaughlin - “So Close.”

7. “Signs must be read with caution. The history of Christendom is replete with instances of people who misread the signs.” 

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