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Friday, June 26, 2015

OBX, Waterloo and Abraham.

My Slow Takes

1. Dee and I spent some time in Duck, NC last week. This is a photo she took overlooking the sound-side. It was early evening with just enough light to show some young people fishing for crabs.

2. Some things we do while relaxing at the beach. Photos by Dee, except, of course, the one I took of her.

Me, reading on the beach.
Me and Stephen keeping cool in the shade.
Dee, enjoying the hammock.
3. The month of June is the celebration of the bicentenary Battle of Waterloo, June 18, 1815. I use to paint historical miniatures in this period and enjoyed hours of gaming with them. There is a website, Waterloo 2015. It is an excellent site for historical information as well as what activities took place last week. A second website, thank you to Ralphus at Flintlock and Tomahawk, shows photos of reenactors who took part in the festivities.

4. FIFA Women’s World Cup Soccer. The United States team played Columbia Monday evening. They now advance to the quarter-finals, facing China on Friday June 26. Go USA!

5. Tavern figures. This is the next step where I added some flesh, hair, and eyes for the people. Also started on the tavern waitress and furniture.

6. Today’s reading, GN 17:1, 9-10, 15-22, is a discussion between God and Abraham. He tells Abraham that Sarai, now to be called Sarah, will bear him a son. Abraham finds this gift from God to be humorous. A 100 year old man whose 90 year old wife will give birth to a child? This is not quite what he was expecting. So, he doesn’t thank God, but proceeds to ask Him for something else, something for his son Ishmael. Then I read Colleen O’Sullivan’s comment about being grateful for gifts received.

“Picture someone you love very much or someone whom you care for very deeply.  Imagine that you want to give that person a gift.  Not the ordinary, expected Christmas or birthday present.  Something very special, something you think will delight him or will let her know how much you think of her.  You spend a great deal of time coming up with just the right thing.  And then you present the gift.  The person opens it, and instead of “oohing” and “aahing,” they begin to laugh at what you offered and tell you what they would rather have had instead.”

I have received many gifts but have not always been grateful for them. It seemed that the physical item received overshadowed the thought and love that was given. Fortunately, God was patient with me and taught me that gifts come from the heart. The closet door in my hobby room contain notes and pictures that our granddaughters have given me. Each of them rewarded with a warm hug and kiss from Grandpa Paul.

7. The Penguins - “Earth Angel,” a song to my wife Dee.

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