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Friday, April 10, 2015

Washing of Feet, Spring, Mom and The Browns.

My Slow Takes

1. Our granddaughters, Eryn and Hailey, help Dee with one of the Outreach Programs at church. This year the oldest was recognized for her service by having her feet washed at Mass on Holy Thursday. She was awed by the experience and happy that she could be part of the Tridium celebration.

2. Matt Maher - “Christ is Risen.”

3. Monday was a beautiful spring day, with warm temperatures and plenty of sun. Dee and I worked in the yard cleaning out the mulch beds, trimming bushes and trees. When we work together it doesn’t seem like work. We are together, helping each other and sharing in the work load. There is a feeling of accomplishment and partnership.

4. Thursday we celebrated the birthday of Dee’s mom, Lucy. She turned 93 and is still going strong. Her ailments are arthritis related, but her mind is sharp. Mom plays cards, Wii bowling, Scrabble and Rummikub. All of which she is quite good at. We keep telling her that she will make Willard Scott’s “Smucker’s Jar” acknowledgement when she reaches 100.

Mom, Me & Dee - Christmas 2014
5. On April 9, 1859 Samuel Clemens received his steamboat pilot’s license. He piloted for two years until steamboat traffic was stopped because of the Civil War. There was a boatman’s call, which noted the depth of the river at two fathoms deep. This was the minimum depth that a steamboat could safely navigate in. The term was, “Mark Twain.” This pseudonym was used by Mr. Clemens when he started writing in 1861.

6. Prayers for one of my oldest friends Ed. He is in the hospital and may have to have his leg removed.
A "Younger" Ed
7.  The Browns - “Little Jimmy Brown”

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