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Friday, November 7, 2014

My Slow Takes About Space, Marty Robins and Healthy Food.

1. Saturday was a great college football game day. Yes, both my teams won and both games were close and enjoyable to watch. 
The first game was the Spiders versus Villanova at 3PM. Spiders over Villanova, 10-9. That puts them at 7-2.
Then at 8PM the Irish Lads faced the tough Navy Midshipmen. Both teams played hard in an engagement that tested the abilities of all the players. Notre Dame 49 and Navy 39. They are now at 7-2.

2. November 3, 1957 the Soviet Union launched the first animal into space. The dog, named Laika, traveled in the spacecraft “Sputnik 2.”

3. We have bluejays drinking water out of the birdbath that sits on the back deck. Dee took this photo, with her telephoto lens, through the family room window.

4. Marty Robins sings “El Paso.”

5. The AARP put together “16 Foods for a Long, Healthy Life.” This is the list with my vote for each.

Coffee - Yes, I enjoy my “Brazilian Breakfast” blend and also Panera Bread “Dark Roast.”
Thyme - I thought the ancient Egyptians used it for embalming.
Wild Salmon - Yes, a delicious fish.
Kale - I like spinach better.
Avocado - Nope, they use to make guacamole, which I don’t eat.
Basil and Mint - Yes and maybe.
Olives and Olive Oil - Yes, my wife, Dee, is Italian.
Walnuts - My favorite nut, especially with wine.
Green Tea - I enjoy it, but drink more coffee than tea.
Sweet Potatoes - Dee cooks them a lot and I’ve learned to like them.
Dark Chocolate - CHOCOLATE, YES!
Asparagus - Nope, I keep trying, but it has no taste.
Pomegranates - You’ve got to be kidding.
Garlic - See Olives and Olive Oil.
Yogurt - Yes, but only with fruit.
Blueberries - Yes, especially in yogurt.

6. My very own minion, Pierre.
7. Next Tuesday, November 11 is Veterans Day. Hug a veteran, pray for a veteran, tell a veteran, thank you for all you have done. 

My Dad, Paul

Dee's Dad, Frank

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