"Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset." Saint Francis De Sales

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Slow Takes (vol. 52)

1. This is the anniversary of one full year of “My Slow Takes.” Thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for the inspiration and thank you to all who read these “Takes.”
2. Dee and I attended the honeybee festival at the Rockwood Nature Center here in Richmond. One of the greeters at the beekeeper table was our friend Gene. He is a member of our church, the Rockwood Park Backyard Beekeepers Association and a beekeeper. He provided some information on beekeeping and invited us over to see his bee hive.
Inside the Nature Center building was an observation beehive where you could see the “queen bee” and all her entourage. Beekeeper Ken was answering questions and providing a mini-class on bees. We bought some local honey and checked out the vendors that were present.
3. The company that I work for has a two deck parking lot and then an overflow lot across the street. The overflow lot is always empty except at lunch time when one or two vehicles park under the trees. As I was doing my lunch walk on Tuesday I noticed a car with it’s trunk open and a woman doing something in one of the mulched areas at the side of the lot. It backs up to some businesses and there is about a ten yard wooded area. I could not imagine what she was doing and wondered if she was “borrowing” mulch. Later, as my walk brought me around to that spot, I noticed that the woman had left two containers of cat food and two containers of water. Just a kind person feeding God’s creatures.
4. The trees were taken down Monday and the stumps grinned the next day. I cleaned up the mulched stumps and everything is finished. It has opened the front yard allowing more sunshine to warm the house. The tree crew did a great job.
5. On the inside of the house the painters have completed the kitchen, kitchenette, family room, dining room and hallway. We were so pleased with the results and had them do the master bedroom and bathroom. It’s like living in a new home.
6. Some quotes that made me laugh and think this week.
“Hurray! [Imagining The Righteous, a.k.a. me, rejoicing in the Lord, while the Enemy, a.k.a. those who have annoyed me, having been smote and scorned.]” Jennifer Fulwiler from “Teach Me How to Love the Psalms.”

I laughed because I’ve been here. Those antagonistic people that have made my life miserable should suffer. They have done wrong and deserve to be punished. I know now that this is wrong and I reminded that when Daniel entered the lions den God did not destroy the lions, He made them peaceful. 

On Thursday, NC Sue had a quote from Bishop Fulton Sheen. It is a quote that I have not read before and it made think about how difficult it is to love as I should. Please take a moment to read it.

7. A young women, in her mid-twenties has been diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer. Her name is Jessica. Please pray for her and her parents, Chris and Dan.

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