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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

18th Century Wagons and Carts

I have written about showing my complete collection of wagons and carts that I use for gaming. Some of them are recently completed and there a few that were painted back some years ago. I have written about my more recent ones in other blogs.

Starting on the left are three powder carts. One of the carts has a Colonial wagon attendant. He doesn’t represent any particular regiment. Sort of an extra figure that has earned a spot on the table. In the background is a water wagon. 

The center has a dowel sided baggage wagon with a civilian wagon attendant.

On the right are three baggage carts, one with a civilian wagon attendant. In the back is an ox cart which I’ve had for many years. It was originally used for the Anglo Saxon-Viking period. It fits well with the rest of my collection and I've thought about getting another one.

All of them are from Hinchcliffe Miniatures. I haven’t thought about adding any more. However, if I spot something that is different from what I have, it will probably be added.

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