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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ira Bell's Farmhouse

The farmhouse has been completed. Ol' Ira was not happy at how long the project took to complete. However, the winter cold has not started and there is plenty of time for splitting wood.

The house is a lighter color than the barn, but follows the color guidelines that I used when painting my other buildings. I added some stone walls which are from TSC, which I don't believe are in business anymore. I believe the well is from Hovel miniatures.

The pig pen in the back is a "scratch build" I completed a couple of years ago. The pigs are Hovel miniatures. Donald Bates is guiding an Ox cart that I purchased from Hinchliffe.

That covers all my current buildings. I've been researching smithy's for Thom Gillman. The plan is to scratch build a small one. (In the meantime he will be using Ira's barn.) 

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