"Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset." Saint Francis De Sales

Friday, September 16, 2016

Football, Remember & Croce

1. The Richmond Spiders started off the season with two wins. The first over the Virginia Cavaliers and the second one over the Norfolk State Spartans. They travel to Stony Brook and face the Seawolves this Saturday.

2. The Irish Lads had a tough loss against Texas but triumphed over Nevada in week two. They are facing the Michigan State Spartans at home this weekend.

3. This is dedicated to John Vigiano Sr. and his family. My prayers are always with you.

4.  “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.”

5. Jim Croce - “Roller Derby Queen.” A great tune.

6. The “River City Rollergirls" from Richmond, Virginia. Read about them, learn about roller derby and check out their schedule. 

7. Trisha, at "Prints of Grace," is having laparoscopic surgery today, Friday the 16th. Please keep her in your prayers. 

Go over to "This Ain't the Lyceum,” where her highness, Queen Kelly, is hosting more takes.

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