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Monday, July 18, 2016

The Morgan Classic in Italy

While Dee and I were at the Hotel Garden in Sienna, I discovered a beautiful Morgan Classic. My knowledge of them is based on photos and old movies. They have always intrigued me and seeing one got my heart racing. I took a couple of photos with my iPad Mini.

The Morgan Classic
My buddy Jack next to the Morgan

The next day I asked Dee to get a photo of me next to the Morgan. We were walking down the line of parked cars, the Morgan being somewhat out of site. As we came around the last vehicle, there it was, but the owners were sitting in it, ready to leave. So I went up and introduced myself and explained my excitement in seeing a Morgan up close. Dee asked of she could take a photo of them and the wife agreed. She then suggested that we get in the car and they would take a photo of us. The husband backed the car out, left the engine running and had Dee and I get in. This was a very special moment for me. There we were sitting in the Morgan, the engine running, the road ahead clear. All I had to do was slowly push in the clutch, move it into first gear, slowly engage the accelerator as I let up on the clutch, then head out for a drive in the countryside.

The wonderful couple from England whose names I forgot.
Dee and me.
A closeup photo.

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