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Monday, July 4, 2016

Remembering The Fourth of July

Dee and I just returned from a trip to Italy. I will write more about that in another post.

Whiled we were there, we visited the Florence American Cemetery. I was unaware that the cemetery existed, but thankful that we were able to spend time there. We were asked to select one headstone, collect the name and information of the individual. When returning home we could do some research then learn about them and their family.

The day was warm and sunny, but I felt a chill as I walked through the headstones. I was approaching them from behind. My thought being to select some at random and take a photo showing the name of the individual. Their names, as well as their families, are now part of my prayer list.

Please take a moment to go to the website. Learn about the history of the cemetery and memorial. There are 4,398 headstones, 1,409 missing in action and 213 unknown. It is only one of "25 American cemeteries and 27 memorials, monuments and markers in 16 countries."

Have a blessed July 4th.

Bruce Cohn - Pvt. - Sept. 19, 1944 
Bennett Bielema - Pvt. - Oct. 1, 1944
Earl Alfred Thompson - 1st LT. - Apr 22, 1945 (Selected by our close friend Pam.)
Dwight Carlton Williams - Sgt. - Apr. 30, 1945 (Selected by Dee.)
Seymour Weinstein - Pfc. - Sept. 26, 1944 (Selected by Dee.)

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