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Friday, July 29, 2016

Calcutta, Jacques & Merton

1. Please pray for the soul of Wayne Grabenstatter. He is the brother of my sister-in-law Karen. Information is at Amigo Funeral Home of Buffalo, New York.

2. The young missionary Katie, who traveled to Calcutta, India, spoke to our men’s group Monday evening. She was part of a team from Ava Maria College that lived and worked at Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. Learning to deal with temperatures exceeding 120 degrees, they helped and cared for children and adults. Loving, working as aids and consoling the dying.

I was humbled by her experience and love of compassion for people that face illness and death on a daily basis. She read a short passage from her journal. It showed how her spiritual journey has progressed during the short years we have known her. Please keep her in your prayers as she continues with her studies and other missionary work.

Information about the Mother Teresa Project is located here, complete with a photo and a video of the team.

4. This is from “Your Daily Tripod,” posted by Anthony DeCristofaro. 

“Today Père Jacques Hamel was martyred in the town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, near Rouen, where St. Joan of Arc was martyred in 1431.
“Like many martyrs, Père Hamel did not seek martyrdom or court death, but was simply carrying out his ministry among the People of God.
In such times, whether it is priests, brothers, sisters or lay men and women who are martyred, I always remember Tertullian, who said, "The oftener we are mown down by you, the more in number we grow; the blood of Christians is seed.”"

“Meditation by Fr. James Martin, JS”

Father Hamel

5. Hell On Wheels ended its series with the final episode, “Done.” Ross Bonaire writes about his “5 Best Moments” of that episode.

I enjoyed watching the variety of characters and an ever-changing story line. Just when I thought I had things figured out, along came a twist that kept bringing me back. I was never disappointed.

My favorite character was Thomas “Doc” Durant. Ruthless and conniving, with a passion of getting the railroad completed. I like Colm Meaney and enjoyed the two series, “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” His character, “Miles O’Brien,” was nothing like Thomas Durant. The role he played as Durant showed Colm’s excellent acting ability. I found it interesting watching as Durant’s character developed. His ending speech, with the line, “America needed a dream and I gave them one,” was great. A truth that know one wanted to hear. 

Colm Meaney

6. “I believe we are going to have to prepare ourselves for the difficult and patient task of outgrowing rigid and intransigent nationalism, and work slowly towards a world federation of peaceful nations. How will this be possible? Don't ask me. I don't know. But unless we develop a moral, spiritual, and political wisdom that is proportionate to our technological skill, our skill may end us.”   Thomas Merton

7. Gordon Lightfoot - Did She Mention My Name

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