"Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset." Saint Francis De Sales

Friday, May 6, 2016

Msgr. Tom, War Room & Rain

My Slow Takes

1. May 1, 2016, Msgr. Thomas Shreve, celebrated his 55th year of priesthood. He said Mass at the Church of the Epiphany at 8:30 AM which was also the 1st Communion celebration for our parish children. Dee and I, along with our granddaughters Eryn and Hailey, served as Hospitality ministers. There was a beautiful reception afterwards. 
   The Catholic Virginian has a nice article on our beloved Monsignor. 

2. Please pray for one of my Brothers in Christ, Phil. His Dad, Philip, joined our Lord last Saturday.

3. I own an Apple iPhone 4S. It has been a wonderful tool for the past six years. Unfortunately that is about the life cycle of some electronic devices. So I went to my “carrier” sales store for options. The first thing they wanted to do was “upgrade” my service. After 20 minutes of discussion I realized that we haven’t even talked about my replace phone. Now I did my research and learned that Apple has come up with an equivalent to my 4s, which is now the SE. Unfortunately it is not available until June. But, they wanted me to upgrade my service now and then go “on-line” to order my Apple SE. Whoa, time out. I have an iPhone that doesn’t work, I can’t get one, nor even order one at the store. But I can upgrade my service. So, I said, “thank you, but I have time to think about this. Service without my phone seems like having a “cart without a horse.”

4. Dee, her Mom and I watched the video, “War Room.” It is an excellent film produced by Alex and Stephen Kendrick. (Wiki has some detailed information about the movie.) The acting was good,
my favorite character being Miss Clara Williams, played by Karen Abercrombie. She is the Evangelist who shows how we can fight against the constant struggle between Satan and God. A battle that we face on a daily basis. 

5. The good news is that I didn’t have to water our flowers this week. The not so good news is that it rained every day. Fortunately we had sunshine in between the rainfall and Dee and I were able to continue our gardening project.

6. We had so much rain that Dee’s car decided that the windshield wipers should be activated at all times. Just in case we don’t remember to turn them on. So, it’s off to the service center to see what can be done.

7. Don McLean - “Crying.” This is a different rendition form Roy Orbison.

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