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Friday, May 20, 2016

Castle, Peanuts & Shopkins

1. The "Castle" series is being cancelled. Read about it at “TVLine.” Dee and I are disappointed. I really enjoyed the story line. My favorite actor was Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle. Thank you to the writers who did an excellent job. Thank you to the actors who portrayed the various characters. The blending of their skills contributed to the 13 year series.

Oops, did I say that?

Love the vest.

2. There is an interesting story, from Flintlock and Tomahawk, that would have made a really good Castle episode.

James Barnum starts the story with; “Hanging on the wall of our Members Lounge in the Barnum Memorial Armory Museum the is a rare English Carbine (a scaled-down version of the British Land Pattern Musket) commonly known as the “Brown Bess.”” From there he tells how they were able to trace it back to what they believed was the original owner, James Hughes. 

The writers could set this story in motion when Castle takes a trip to East Greenwich, Rhode Island. The musket is stolen from the museum. Castle gets involved in the search and is aided by a stranger that has an English accent. Is he a descendant of Mr. Hughes or an apparition of the deceased First Sargent? Where does the search lead them? What if Hayley Shipton arrives and connects the missing musket to an international smuggling ring?

3. This is from peanuts.com.

4. View the completed baggage carts that will be used for the Briartun diorama.

5. Our granddaughter Hailey has a collection of small figurines called Shopkins. Wiki has a good description of these little toys. The photo below has her entire assortment. Over 300 at the moment. She’s catching up to my historical miniature collection.

6. Please pray for the soul of Chris Pepper and his family. 

7. Righteous Brothers - “Unchained Melody”

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