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Friday, May 13, 2016

Anniversary’s & Jim Croce

My Slow Takes

1. Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely ladies. We were blessed to have Dee’s Mom, our son Stephen and his family attend church with us. Msgr. Shreve gave an excellent Homily and at the end of Mass prayed for all of the Mom’s. Afterward we gathered with friends at Panera.

2. Dee and I celebrated our 45th Anniversary on May 8th. Along with our wedding anniversary we also celebrated Eric and Lynne’s and Stephen and Christina’s wedding anniversary. Todd and Lauren’s anniversary is May 20th. My sister Kim and her husband Frank is May 19th and my Mom and Dad’s was May 11th. 

3. This is from Calvin and Hobbes Daily.

4. Please pray for or our newest missionary, Katie who is spreading God's love in Calcutta, India. I haven written about Katie before, reference 2014 and 2015.

5. The final episode for Michael Weatherly, aka Tony DiNozzo, is next week. Yes, I’ll miss him but his move, which is his choice, is a positive thing. The changes that have occurred in the NCIS series over the years have not been negative. They have made the program stronger. New characters have been introduced and overall, the storyline has become more interesting.

6. Jim Croce - “Time In A Bottle.”

7. The Muppet's - “Time In A Bottle”

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