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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Frontier Women

Briartun men and women worked close together during the 1750's. Farming was the main source of livelihood. Milking, planting, weeding and livestock care was shared. If the men were called out to chase down marauding French and Native allies, the women took their turn defending the villages and farms. 

The figures shown below are two women of the village guarding a small cart filled with provisions. Abigail and Elynor are familiar with their muskets. Anyone attempting to steal from them would have to consider the consequences before doing anything. The figures are from Old Glory Miniatures and are part of their French and Indian War range.

I'm working on the horses for my wagon collection. Pictured below are the horses and a dowel sided bag wagon. Some basic base coating has been done and next will be additional colors, shading and wash to finish them. The figures are from Hinchliffe Miniatures.  

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