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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Briartun Villagers

I completed some miniatures last weekend. They will be part of the villagers that live in Briartun. The photo shows them standing around a small cabin that will probably be used as a farm house.

Starting on the left is Thom Gilman, the local blacksmith. Watching him shoe a horse is his apprentice Salem Poor. Thom is well known for his skill in producing farming tools, cooking utensils, weapons, chains and keys.

Next to them is Page Whitley, a farm hand who works for farmer Ira Bell. Ira is next in line, standing next to his dog Rusty. Ira's farm is one of the larger ones in Briartun. It provides the local wheat as well as some beef and chickens.

All of these figures are from Hovel Miniatures.

The figure on the far right is Donald Bates who is a local wagon attendant. He hires himself out when someone needs goods transported to other villages. This figure is from Hinchliffe Models.

I purchased the figures years ago and never took the time to paint them until now. Next on the list are a couple more civilians and then a series of horse drawn wagons.

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