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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Tavern in Briartun

Koeman Tavern is one of several buildings that I’m working on for a small village. The idea came from reading “Paul’s Bods.” He has created Bodstonia, a mid 18th century country. There is within that land the farming village of Boddingham and the fishing community of Boddington. His miniature people and buildings are excellent. 

I am starting with a village named Briartun. It will allow me to experiment with my historical miniature hobby and perhaps expand into some story writing.

The village itself will contain some already completed cabins, courthouse, church, farmhouse, barn and probably a smithy. There will be some villagers, visiting military types, North American natives, various animals and other odds and ends as time goes on. The time period will be 17th century colonial North America. The main focus being on the “French and Indian” era.

My plan is to make it a “project in progress.” Something that will never be completely “finished,” but will slowly grow. 

The tavern is one of the main gathering places for the people of Briartun. It provides local news, a meeting place for neighbors, conversation, games and diversion. Travelers stopping at the tavern provide information as to what is happening in the rest of the country.  

Owned by Rhett and Drika Koeman, it is known for excellent food and drink. They also provide overnight accommodations for travelers.

Rhett and Drika Koeman

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