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Friday, November 13, 2015

Veterans Day & Fr. J. Martin

My Slow Takes

1. Terry Kelly - “A Pittance of Time Remembrance Day.”

2. I like this commercial by Guinness entitled, "Empty Chair." 

3. Our family veterans.

Paul Peter Forgette 2-27-46 - My Dad
Frank C. Siracusa 1945 - Dee's Dad

4. I read the book, “My Life with the Saints,” by Fr. James Martin, S.J.. On Saturday he was in Richmond, VA and gave an excellent talk on “Encountering Jesus: Meeting the Jesus of History and the Christ of Faith.” It was interesting, inspiring and included some humor about some of Fr. Martin's experiences. Dee and I purchased his new book, “Jesus, A Pilgrimage.” 

5. November 15 is the beginning of National Bible Week. It is a week long celebration of “The Bible: A Book for the Family.”

6. The Richmond Spiders dropped to at 7-2 with their loss to New Hampshire. The Irish Lads defeated Pittsburg bringing them to 8-1.

7. Today, November 13, starts the Richmond Spiders basketball season. Dee and I will be joining our friends as the Spiders host JMU.

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