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Friday, October 9, 2015

Women’s Cursillo and Carrie

My Slow Takes

1. Spiders and Bears were at the home field, Robins Stadium, last weekend. This was the first CAA (Colonial Athletic Association) conference game of the 2015 season for the Spiders. They won the game putting them at 3-1 for the season.

2. The Irish Lads lost to the Clemson Tigers and are now at 4-1. This Saturday, Navy travels to Indiana. My brother Tom is ex-Navy and my nephew Matthew is Navy. Let the betting begin.

3. This is a great photo of our son Eric, my sister Kim and my brother Tom. Thank you to our daughter-in-law, Lynne for taking this photo.

4. The figures below are a non-historical unit based on Lieutenant-Colonel John Harris Cruger. He was a Loyalist from New York and commanded the First Battalion of DeLancey’s Brigade. In mid-summer of 1780 he was appointed as commander of Ninety-Six in the Southern theatre. The troops under his command were the New Jersey Volunteers, the South Carolina militia, his own regiment, the Delancey Brigade, as well as a number of other provincial troops. I wanted a Loyalist unit to add to my British units, so I created Cruger’s Loyalist’s. 

5. My wife, Dee, is on “team” for the Central Virginia 476th Women’s Cursillo. October 8-11, 2015. Please pray for her, the team and all the candidates.

6. Happy “Link-toberfest.” 

This is volume 207 of “My Slow Takes.” I have been writing a little over four years. It doesn't seem that long, probably because I enjoy it.

7. Carrie Underwood, “Temporary Home.” A song for reflection.

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