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Friday, October 23, 2015

The Flawed Disciple & Firemen

My Slow Takes

1. The Spiders, their record now at 5-1, head to Harrisonburg, Virginia to face James Madison.

2. John Heisler,senior associate athletics director, has written “Top 10 Things Learned about the Irish So Far in 2015.” Their record is 6-1 and they have a buy this week.

3. This week, is the return of The Flawed Disciple. I wrote about him in November of 2011. His latest blog is "Out of Control." An interesting topic which will get you thinking.

4. The Stars War trailer, "The Force Awakens." Our sons and I went to all the original movies and will be looking forward to this one. 

5. This is a tribute to firemen, narrated by Paul Harvey. Our son Stephen is a member of this brotherhood of heroes. We pray for him and his fellow brothers everyday.

RFD, Station 6 - Stephen on the far right.
6. Happy “Link-toberfest.” 

What was your favorite, or most popular, Seven Quick Takes post?

I don’t have a favorite post. Each week I try to write about different things, so my mind wanders. I like old movies, cowboys, good books, music and on and on and on …. So, I went looking to see what my most popular post was.  A blog about Fr. John and the movie Shane. August 1, 2014. 

7. Crystal Gayle - “When I Dream,” a lovely song sung by a beautiful woman.

Go over to "This Ain't the Lyceum,” where Kelly is hosting more takes.

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