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Friday, August 21, 2015

Alaska, Altar Boy and Miniatures

My Slow Takes

1. George Carmack, discovered gold in Alaska on August 16, 1896.  It was the start of the “Klondike Gold Rush,” which lasted until 1899. More information here.

My favorite movie about the gold rush was “North to Alaska.” It starred John Wayne as Sam McCord and Stewart Granger as George Pratt.

2. Johnny Horton recorded the song, “North to Alaska.”

3. My brother Tom, and his wife Karen, came down for a visit over the weekend. He is always available when I have a project that needs to be completed. There was some repair work on our back porch that was a major issue for me. We completed everything and the porch looks great. Thank you brother Tom!

4. A good friend, Jim Hanifer, shared this photo from when he was in the army.  Look close at the Host that Father John is holding.

Jim writes;

“I was recruited by our Chaplain Father John Hurld(S.J.) when we were at Fort Knox, Ky. His assistant was being discharged and since the maneuver would be 35 days out in the field I got the job, because I had put down on my record that I was an altar boy and could drive his jeep and tow his trailer. I made an altar that I could wire to the hood of our jeep, out of a 90 millimeter tank round, that came in a pretty durable wooden crate. The altar, when not in use, was in the trailer. On Sundays we had three Masses at different locations.

I am the altar boy in the picture and at that moment I was ringing the bells at the elevation. Father's Mass kit was very compact. His Chasuble was made out of silk and folded up about the size of a over sized hankie. The cruets for the wine and water were plastic to avoid breakage. The Crucifix broke down for easy packing. We even had a altar cloth with a Saint's relic sewed in it.” 

Jim and Father John
 5. These are the last of my tavern miniatures. The next project is to paint the tavern.

Jonas Burwel & Samuel Dodds have had a wee bit more than normal. Hugh Griffith is heading over to talk to some other patrons.
6. Our son Todd, and his wife Lauren, have friends who were in a motorcycle accident this week. Dave & his daughter Kaitlin are at home recovering. Please pray for their full recovery, Dave’s wife Dawn and all their family. 

7.  Dave Mallett - "Second Cup of Coffee."

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  1. Love the altar "boy" picture

    1. Thank you.
      Jim is a close friend. I'm blessed that he wanted to share this small part of his journey.