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Friday, February 6, 2015

My Slow Takes About Minions, Spiders, and Hawks.

1. My favorite Super Bowl commercial.

2. January 31, 2015, an away game for the Spiders at VCU. Their first away game win, Spiders 64 - VCU 55. It was a great game, just ask Dee. We went to 5:15PM Mass, so I made sure the DVR captured the excitement. Dee is an avid fan of Spiders basketball. Watching the game with her at home is just as loud as watching the game at the Robins Center. Her favorite player is number 0, Kendall Anthony.

A very happy Spider team.
Kendall on the attack.
3. Dee took this photo of a hawk in our front yard area. He’s sitting on top of the neighbors basketball pole. I did some research and I believe this is a young Sparrow Hawk. 

4. I counted four “guys” on last weeks “seven takes.” Adam, George, myself and a new addition, Scott. 
Blogs from “Da Guys.”

Scott Eric     Adam     George

5. Don Gibson, “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” Alan Cackett has a nice bio of Don on his website.

6. I watched the movie “John Carter” the other day and I still like it. Edgar Rice Burroughs was an adventurer writer that I loved reading as a youngster. The John Carter of Mars series is excellent. Disney had a great idea, just a poor presentation. But, I think that there is room for more. We just need some creative talent to resurrect the story. Edgar Rice Burroughs has written a series of Mars adventures that are ready for “prime time.”

7. This is a unit of British Light Infantry for my American Revolution miniature collection. Completed it this week. They are Old Glory 25mm figures.

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