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Friday, December 12, 2014

My Slow Takes About A Patent, Leaves and Fort Niagara.

1. Our local paper, the “Richmond Times-Dispatch,” had the following article on our oldest son Eric. Virtual disks, cloning, BVMs, CVMs and RVDs are things that Eric is excellent at. Dee and I are very proud of his achievements.

Redeploying baseline virtual machine to update a child virtual machine by creating and swapping a virtual disk comprising a clone of the baseline virtual machine; (U.S Patent 8,898,668); Eric Forgette of Mechanicsville and others; NetApp Inc. of Sunnyvale, Calif.: One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for redeploying a baseline VM (BVM) to one or more child VMs (CVMs) by merely cloning virtual drives of the BVM, instead of the entirety of the parent BVM. A temporary directory is created in a datastore that has the target CVMs that are targeted for virtual drive replacement (e.g., are to be “re-baselined”). One or more replacement virtual drives (RVDs) are created in the temporary directory, where the RVDs comprise a clone of a virtual drive of the source BVM. The one or more RVDs are moved from the temporary directory to a directory of the target CVMs, replacing existing virtual drives of the target CVMs so that the target CVMs are thus re-baselined to the state of the parent BVM.

2. The Spiders did not get into the next round of the FCS Playoffs. Their season was fun and I enjoyed the games.

3. It’s December and the leave’s have finally stopped falling. Now it’s time to pick them up. A time consuming, but not difficult, task. My tool is a leak vacuum. It doesn’t do acorns, but it’s terrific on the leaves.
Here is an article on why leaves change color from the ESF website.

5. Neil Diamond singing “Silent Night.”

6. More singing from the Minions.

7. Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day was December 7.

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  1. I didn't understand what it is that Eric did - too technical for me but it's awesome that RTD ran an article on him and his accomplishment. Way to go Eric - I can understand why you and Dee are proud.