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Friday, June 13, 2014

My Slow Takes About Pentecost, Unique Art, Sandcastles and Patsy Cline.

1. Pentecost, the beginning of reaching out to the rest of the world and spreading the Gospel of Jesus. The Apostles were the first to become evangelists of the Catholic Church. Rev. Joe McCloskey, SJ wrote that “peace is what the Apostles received from Christ.” Through Piety, Study and Action, we can learn that “the more we share of Christ, the more Christ we will have to share.” Take a moment to read his message.

2. Yet another beach photo by Dee. Our son Stephen and me.

3. This is a unique photo showing what can be accomplished with photography. A pet that all fantasy fans would like.

4. Nikolaj Arndt, a.k.a. “the chalk guy.” His 3D artwork always amazes me.

5. The Cannon Beach, Oregon sandcastle contest is coming up this month. Here is one of the entries from 2013.

6. Patsy Cline was born in Winchester, Virginia on September 8, 1932. Her number one “Juke Box” hit was “Crazy.” 

7. Dee and me at the beach. Photo by Stephen.


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