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Friday, June 20, 2014

My Slow Takes About Biking, Cooling Off, Bunker Hill and Harley-Davidson.

1. Dee’s brother Pat and his wife Judy visited us this week. We celebrated Father’s Day with Stephen and Todd’s family. Dee made her delicious pasta with sauce, meatballs and sausage. There was a “sinful” peanut-butter, chocolate cheese cake for desert. We enjoyed laughing, sharing family stories drinking wine and watching World Cup Soccer.

Pat, Dee & Me
2. Our friends Dan and Mary invited us to cruise the lake on their pontoon boat. The temperature was averaging the mid-90’s, so we cooled off in the water.

Pat, Judy, Dee & Mary. Dan in the background.
3. With the temperatures being as high as they were this week, I kept wondering what  Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett would do.

4. We took our granddaughters Eryn and Hailey to see the movie Maleficent. It was an excellent Disney movie. The girls loved it and so did Dee and I. Angelina Jolie portrayed the older fairy Maleficent. I was impressed with her performance. Her “side kick” was actor Sam Riley as the crow Diaval. They made an interesting team.

5. June 17, 1775 the British troops from Boston launched an attack against the colonial troops that had taken position on Breed’s and Bunker Hill. Known as the Battle of Bunker Hill, it was a costly lesson for the British. They underestimated the colonists and although they won, Boston was evacuated nine months later.

6. It’s still too early for me to pick a specific team for the World Cup. The United States is still young when it comes to this competition, so I don’t expect them to advance too far. There have been some exciting games and I know there are more on the way.

The 2014 US Soccer Team
7. Harley-Davidson is testing an electric motorcycle. It would be quieter and more environmental friendly, but it is not “your father’s motorcycle.” The Washington Post has an article on this new innovation.

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