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Friday, May 23, 2014

My Slow Takes about Matthew Kelly, a Book, Patty Loveless and M&Ms.

1. I have been reading Matthew Kelly’s book, “The Four Signs Of A Dynamic Catholic.” In one of his chapters he discusses the “prayerful giant.” This is the person in a family “who covers their family with prayer, anchoring the family in God’s grace.” He or she is the “cornerstone of prayer” that prays for their family, today as well as tomorrow. It brought to mind who that person was in my family and I remember my grandmother, Delvica Forgette. She was a beautiful caring woman whom I loved. They lived far from where we did, so I only saw her once a year. One summer my brother and I were able to spend a couple of weeks with her prior to my parents arriving. I remember that she always had her rosary with her and would make time to pray each day. Her faith was strong and her love was wrapped around all of us. She was our “prayerful giant.”  

2. On May 19, 2006, the movie “The Da Vinci Code” opened. Dee & I went to the movie and we enjoyed the storyline. It mixed a little bit of history with a lot of fiction, action and mystery. Apparently not everyone saw it as we did. One Sunday morning Msgr. Shreve assured our parish that, “it’s just a book.” 

3. Our son Stephen had oral surgery this week and is in recovery. Please add him to your prayers.

4. Patty Loveless is one of my favorite female country artist. This song is from her album, “When Fallen Angels Fly.” It won CMA’s album of the year in 1995. 

5. A second song from Patty Loveless. This one is from her album, “Long Stretch of Lonesome,” released in 1997.

6. The mulching is finished and the "Truck" has returned home. Stephen spent Tuesday working with me, and it looks beautiful. 
7. M&M’s are one of my favorite candies, so when I saw this M&M cake …. don’t even ask about the calories.

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