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Friday, May 2, 2014

My Slow Takes About Jen's Book, Scots-Irish, Reba and "Nessie."

1. “Something Other Than God” has been released and Jen being “Jen” has a contest. Actually it’s a group of contests. Numbered 1 through 9, you select something to do and get entered to win a prize. So why am I writing this when most people who read my blog already know this? Just in case there someone who possibly missed the announcement. And yes, I did purchase a copy through Barnes & Noble

2. My Clan Turnbull Scottish ancestors, from my Mom’s family, were part of the “Scottish Border Clans” who were expelled to Ireland. They migrated from Ireland to the United States. Supposedly, the term, “y’all,” is a contraction of the Scots-Irish term “ye aw.” A term used when referring to a group of people.

That's me in the Turnbull Clan Tartan
3. Last August I wrote about my nephew, Matthew. He had decided to join the United States Navy and enter the nuclear program. I am proud to announce that he graduated from Navy boot camp as an E-3 Seaman. Semper Fortis.

4. Father Robert Barron completed a series of videos while in Rome. He was there for the canonizations of Pope John Paul ll and Pope John XXll. The last video in his series of five, "Two Radical, Converted Disciples" provides us with an important message about our spiritual lives.

5. Reba McEntire made a great video from the Everly Brother’s classic, “Cathy’s Clown. Bruce Boxleitner is the cowboy. My favorite from Reba.

6. On May 2, 1933 the Scottish newspaper, “Inverness Courier,” published a story about a local couple who sited what is now known as the “Loch Ness Monster.” The legend continues with various sightings and photographs. Read more about at the “Ultimate and Official Lock Ness Monster Site.” 

7. There is a similar lake monster that is suppose to be living in Lake Champlain. Named “Champ,” the monster has been sighted by many people and it’s legend continues. Some history on “Champ” is located on the Lake Champlain Region website.

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