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Friday, April 4, 2014

My Slow Takes about Fred Neil, Yard Work, Arachnids and Wayne Gretzky

1. Fred Neil was an American folk singer in the the 1960s. He was born March 16, 1936 and died of cancer on July 7,2001. This is one of the songs he wrote and performed.

2. The weather has been beautiful which has allowed me to work in the yard. I finished cleaning up the leaves and loose tree branches blown about by Njord, a Norse god who loves to create yard work. My spring fertilizer and weed control has been laid out. Next should come those famous April showers.
3. Johannes Stötter is a talented body-painting artist. The picture below is one of latest creations.

4. I was working at my computer the other evening, a little later than usual, when out of the corner of my eye something moved. Glancing to my right I watched a spider crawl up the wall and go behind my picture of the University of Richmond. I know he isn’t as big as I think he is. He’s not venomous, merely a nuisance. His yellowish brown color makes him seem worse than he is. Still, there is a chance I could get him. So, with tissue in hand I slowly moved the picture. The little bugger jumped back down behind the desk. Spider 1 - Paul 0.

5. There is a story about the shortage of grapes in the State of Virginia. This fine blue and white fruit is used to make an extraordinary elixir called wine. My preference being the reds. The result of this impending disaster is that the price of Virginia wines will rise. An example of the simple economic equation of supply and demand. Fortunately for me there are other wines to choose from. California, Argentina, Italy, France and Australia are just a few. 

6. Neil Diamond wrote and recorded “Red Red Wine” back in 1968.

7. On April 4, 1982 Wayne Gretzky finished the NFL hockey season with 212 goals. He was the first and only player to break the 200-point barrier. Joe Pelletier’s Greatest Hockey Legends has details about this great legend.

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