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Friday, April 25, 2014

My Slow Takes About The Blues Brothers, Steve Givens, Bees and Cursillo Weekend

1. On April 22, 1978, Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi made their world premier as the “Blues Brothers.” 

Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi 
2. Steve Givens has been writing about, what may have been, the thoughts of Jesus during Lent. His blog on, “Between the Lines: Holy Week, Washing Feet,” enhanced the experience of having my feet washed last week.

“They had no idea — could not comprehend at first — what I was trying to teach them. And even when they figured it, they wanted nothing to do with it. “No, no,” Peter said, “Let me do it to you.” His time would come, but this was my time.”

“I saw the lights go on in their eyes, like children learning something that is obvious to the rest of us for the first time. They got it: If you love me, serve others and put them first. Do for them what you would really rather not do. Wash their feet. Gently pour water over their hardened soles and get the dirt out from between their toes. Feel their callouses and blisters. Nurse their open wounds. Pat them dry and put their sandals back on so they can continue their journey. This is the kind of servant I need you to be. The first shall be last and the last, first. Be last. And I will draw you to myself in the fullness of time. I will never forget those who forget themselves for the sake of others.”

The powerful yet simple act of having your own feet washed, puts us where we do not want to be. But once you experience this, the uncomfortable feeling becomes one of humbleness and joy. There is an opening of the eyes and a better understanding of what being a servant of Jesus is suppose to be.

3. The allergy season is here and as always my eyes itch and my nose runs. I enjoy the spring weather and still spend time outside. When doing yard work I use an allergy mask which helps. However I don’t wear it when I’m just out walking or getting involved in Easter Egg hunts. I figure that I have the tools to deal with it and continue to enjoy the spring weather.

Here 4. This is an unusual vacation home located on Lake Erie. Details about it are from the blog, “Life - it is - humor, thought provoking, amazing.”

5. My friend Kevin is a beekeeper. He received a shipment of bees and invited me to watch the setup. The bees are shipped in a box cage which includes a separate, smaller box, for the queen. The first photo shows Kevin unpacking the bees. His next step is to prepare the queen bee for placing into the hive. The queen box has a small cork in one end that has to be removed. Behind the cork is a wax-like substance that the queen will eat through and then enter the hive. The rest of the bees are “shaken” into the hive. Kevin then covers the hive and will check back later to make sure the queen is out of her box. 

Inside the hive are ten frames. The bees make the honey on these frames. Once they have filled all the frames Kevin will start adding smaller boxes containing more frames. The honey from these smaller boxes is what he will harvest. The main hive box contains honey for the bee hive itself.  

The orange tag is where the queen is located.

6. I took the photos using my iPhone while wearing a bee veil that Kevin provided. It’s not too flattering, especially with my face mask on.

7. The Central Virginia 465th Cursillo Women's Weekend is April 24th through April 27th. Please pray for the team members and candidates.

Team members: Cathy, Jeannette, Deacon Bob, Diane Young, Deacon Charlie, Eydie, Ruth, Julie, Mary, Trisha, Brenda, Lynn, Debbie, Susan, Cindy, and Donna.

Candidates: Liz, Sara, Gail B., Theresa, Gail C., Pat, Nancie, Arline, Lisa, Cena, Nancy, JoLinda and Tesa

There are also four women’s weekends going on at this time in the following cities. Kingston, Jamaica; Seoul, Korea; Shawsville, VA and
Providence, RI. Please pray for those attending.

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