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Monday, February 24, 2014

The Knights of Christ

I have always enjoyed reading about knights, watching movies about knights and painting miniature knights. The first photo below is a small continent of Knights Templar from 1170 AD. I painted them for our son Todd. The scale is 25mm and the figures are from Old Glory. Paul’s Bods completed a small diorama entitled, “Veritas Vos Liberabit.” A painting of a Hospitaller Knight on his way to the Holy Land. His miniature is 1/72 scale.

The Knights Templar were not the only knights of the Church. There was the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, the Knights of St. Lazarus, developed in Jerusalem and the Hospitallers of St. Thomas of Canterbury in Acre.

German orders were developed, the Teutonic Knights and the Brethren of the Sword. From Spain there were the Knights of Calatrava, the knights of Santiago, The Knights of St. Julian and Alcantara, the Knights of Our Lady of Montjoie, the Knights of St. George of Alfama and the Knights of Our Lady of Montesa. The Italian orders were the Order of St. James of Altopasio and the Knights of San Stefano of Tuscany. 

Medieval Europe brought together the great ideologies of Church and chivalry. The Knights of Christ, sometimes referred to as the “Warrior-Monks,” became the defenders of the Church.

My Knights

From Paul's Bods

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