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Friday, February 14, 2014

My Slow Takes about salt, men's blog's, The Hobbit and Melanie Rigney.

1. In Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus called his disciples the “salt of the earth.” Father John told us that we too are the “salt of the earth.” Pure, preserving and flavorful. Our hearts are pure and full of love for God. We preserve our moral standards, following God’s Word. As we live by example, we bring out the best in those we meet. We are also the “light of the world.” We bring love and hope to those in darkness. Our presence and how we live impacts others. Through Cursillo we learn to be a friend, make a friend, bring a friend to Christ. Keep the candle lit.

2. I have noticed that approximately 4% of the Friday Quick Takes blogs hosted by Jennifer are blogs by men. This is just an observation and is not intended to neither boast about the number nor suggest that the number is embarrassing to the male species.  

3. On February 10, 1763, The French and Indian War ended. The Treaty of Paris did not include the transferred territory belonging to the Indian peoples. England, Spain and France were only concerned about the “Imperial Powers.” A theme that seems to be repeated throughout history.
4. My son Todd and I went to see, “The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug.” Peter Jackson continues to amaze me. This is the second film in the trilogy of the Hobbit and I loved it. I have been a Tolkien fan for many years and have read the Hobbit more than once. Each time I read the novel I learn more about the characters and their world. Mr. Jackson takes the book and allows one to go beyond the imagination of reading. I’m looking forward to part three of the series.

Some of my favorite cast.
Ian Mckellen as Gandalf the Grey.
Orlando Bloom as Legolas.
Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins. 
Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel. 
Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield. 

5. Shirley Temple Black, probably the most famous child star, died this week. She was 85. I remember my Dad telling me about his “crush” on her and how he enjoyed going to see her movies. The New York Times, has an excellent article on the life of Mrs. Black.

6. The Luge Women’s singles was my favorite Olympic event this week. Erin Hamlin was excellent winning a bronze metal. I can’t imagine speeding down the course on the sled. There is barley enough room for your body and you’re traveling at speeds in excess of 80 miles an hour. Probably the fastest winter sport.

7. Melanie Rigney writes from the blog, “Your Daily Tripod” and the magazine “Living Faith.” I read both and was pleased when “Prints of Grace” wrote a book review on “Sisterhood of Saints.” Please take a moment to read Trisha’s review and get a copy of Melanie’s book.

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