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Friday, February 28, 2014

My Painting Plan for 2014

I’ve been reading a number of miniature blogs where the authors set out a plan for painting for the year. This is an interesting agenda to place on the blog. If you list too many figures everyone will think you are somewhat delusional. If you list too few, you better have a sound reason for not spending more time miniature painting. So, everyone selects a number somewhere in between. It is broken down by period, scale and possibly game rule. Sometimes the figures are being planned for a competition in painting, sometimes for a specific game at an upcoming convention. Then there may be a few “odd” things that would be nice to paint.

I decided to join my fellow gamers an put together my list. One not too long not too short, but sufficient for me to complete. The important thing is to make sure I don’t get side tracked with something else.  

My period(s) of interest is the American Revolution (AWI) and the French and Indian War (FIW). My scale is the 25/28mm range.


Queen’s Rangers         British Light Infantry 
Creek Indians 
2nd Virginia Regiment 5th Virginia Regiment


Last of the Mohican figures: Cora and Alice Munro, Hawkeye, Chingachook, Uncas and Magua 

Coureur de Bois Huron Indians

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