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Friday, November 8, 2013

My Slow Takes (Vol. 120)

1. Last weekend was “Homecoming” at the University of Richmond. The Spiders won over the Albany Great Danes in front of a sell-out crowd. Their record is now 3-6.

2. It was a close and exciting game with the Irish Lads finishing ahead of the Navy Midshipmen 38-34. Both teams played well and made this an enjoyable game to watch. The win puts the Lads at 7-2 as they travel to Pittsburg on November 9. 

3. Saturday was the dedication of the Columbarium at the Church of the Epiphany. Our pastor Father John was joined by Msgr. Shreve, Father Jim, Father Michael and Deacon Arthur in this momentous event. It has taken a few years to complete the project that was started by Father Randy when he was pastor.

Deacon Arthur, Fr. John, Fr. Jim, Fr. Michael & Msgr. Shreve
4. On November 6,1789, John Carroll was appointed the first Catholic bishop in the United States. 

“Carroll was born in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, in 1735. His mother came from a wealthy family and had been educated in France. At age 13, Carroll sailed for France in order to complete his own education at St. Omer's College in French Flanders. At age 18, he joined the Society of Jesus, and after a further 14 years of study in Liege, he received ordination as a priest at age 34. Pope Clement XIV's decision in 1773 to dissolve the Jesuit order, however, ended Carroll's European career.
Three years after Carroll's return to Maryland, the need to make allies of French Catholics in Canada created an opportunity for him to join a Congressional delegation dispatched to negotiate with the Canadians. Benjamin Franklin served on the same delegation, and although the mission failed, Franklin proved an excellent ally to Carroll. In 1784, Franklin recommended to the papal nuncio in Paris that Carroll assume the position of Superior of Missions in the United States of North America, which removed American Catholics from the authority of the British Catholic hierarchy. In this role, as bishop and ultimately as the first archbishop in the United States (1808), Carroll oversaw the creation of leading Catholic institutions in the new nation, including the nation's first Catholic university (Georgetown University, founded in 1789) and cathedral (Baltimore Basilica, built in 1806)” History.Com
5. We are in the “old-time” versus “new time” realm. It usually takes Dee a week to adjust to Daylight Saving Time. Although I think she does this just to make me laugh. She throws one these anecdotes at just the right moment. I’m blessed to have her as my wife and soul mate.   

6. The election is over. There will be no more political television ads, no more political mail and no more political telephone calls. The results are Terry McAuliffe, Democrat with 48% of the vote. Ken Cuccinelli, Republican at 45% of the vote. Robert Sarvis, Libertarian with 7% of the vote. My candidate did not win.

7. Politics have not changed since 400BC Greece. The Greek philosopher Plato wrote: “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.”

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