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Friday, September 20, 2013

My Slow Takes (Vol. 114)

1. Some early American history notes this week, starting with the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. This battle took place outside the city of Quebec on September 13, 1759. It was a victory for England and the deciding factor to end the French and Indian war in North American. 

The French were led by Lieutenant-General Louis-Joseph Marquis de Montcalm, an excellent leader who was loved by his men. He was successful against the British, taking two forts in New York, Oswego and Fort William Henry. When the British attempted to take Fort Carillon (Fort Ticonderoga), he defended it, securing the path into Canada until 1759. The Marquis was killed defending the city of Quebec.

The English were led by Major-General James Wolfe. Successful in his actions at Louisbourg in 1757, he was offered the command to take Quebec in January of 1759. He died at the battle knowing that he had defeated the French. 
The Death of General Wolfe by Benjamin West 1770
2. A small battle took place on September 14,1763 near the Niagara Gorge in New York. It is referred to as the Devil’s Hole Massacre, and occurred during Pontiac’s Rebellion. About 300 Seneca warriors and a detachment of the British 80th Regiment Light Infantry were involved. Over 80 British soldiers were killed before they were able to retreat back to Fort Niagara.
3. On September 16, 1776 the Battle of Harlem Heights took place in New York. General George Washington had been slowly retreating north from New York City with the British close behind. The British were feeling confident and had their buglers play a fox hunting call known as “gone away.” Washington was insulted and turned his troops on the offensive, pushing back the British. It was his “first battlefield victory.”  

4. Please pray for the people of the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard. The survivors, family, friends, the medical and law enforcement agencies and for the souls of those who are now with God.

5. I have added a page to my blog, “My Coffee Mugs.” Thank you to Dwija at “House Unseen.” She has a page entitled “Mug Shots.” I liked the idea and added one showing my mug collection.
6. College football continues, some good and some not so good. The Richmond Spiders are now 1-2 and the Irish Lads are 2-1. More games this weekend. Spiders play Liberty at home and Notre Dame hosts Michigan State.
7. I own a NOOK, from Barnes & Noble. It is my portable library and I use it continuously. Well I use it a lot. I set up a Barnes & Noble account because you need one to download your “NOOK Books.” I also receive emails because I want to be kept current as what is going on with Barnes & Noble. However, there are many emails that offer discounts for books. Not “NOOK Books,” just the regular printed editions. Why? Is the profit margin too low to discount the “NOOK Books?” Do I not buy enough eBooks? Does Kindle and iPad also do this? It would be nice to get a discount at least once a year, perhaps twice to show their appreciation for my support. Just my two cents. 
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