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Friday, February 22, 2013

My Slow Takes (Vol. 87)

1. Last Friday night was Grandma Dee’s sleepover with Eryn and Hailey. We watch a new movie, “Frankenweenie.” I enjoyed it and laughed through most of the scenes. It was done in black and white which is the same as the 1931 Frankenstein movie. My favorite adaptation was Mel Brooks “Young Frankenstein. 

Tim Burton did an excellent job with his cast of characters. I noticed resemblances to Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre. Victor’s parents reminded me of June and Ward Cleaver. I’m sure there were more that I missed. There were references from movies such as “The Bride of Frankenstein,” “Young Frankenstein” and “Men in Black.” You may even recognize a character from one of the “Godzilla” movies. It is a family movie, and the girls enjoyed it, but I think I enjoyed it more.

2. Saturday morning was French toast and bacon for breakfast. While Dee was cooking we were visited by a small herd of deer. Photos by Dee.

First arrival.

Doe and four point buck
3. The Richmond Spider basketball team played an exciting and tough game against St. Bonaventure last weekend. We finally won in overtime. Games like this are exhausting as well as enjoyable. 

4. I finished watching episode 3 of “Minor Revisions.”  The conversation with Noe caught my attention. His conversion and rehabilitation was like a burst of heavenly illumination. From darkness into light, from slumber into awakening. God has blessed him and now he helps others. A beautiful story.

My favorite part was "on the phone with Ted Weinstein." “I think I’m going to cry .....” She did and there were tears in my eyes as well. I'm glad that she is happy and moving forward.

5. My understanding of sequestration is that many people will suffer because of the spending cuts. Government contractors, grant recipients and Medicare. Approximately 750,000 jobs will be eliminated. I’m not a politician, but it seems to me that there must be a better way. Lord we need your help getting all the parties involved to work this out.

6. Today, February 22, 1630, the American Indians supposedly introduced popcorn to the pilgrims.

7. This was my last day of work. I am now retired and looking forward to my new journey, my new adventures. Dee took a couple of pictures as I left for my last day. She sent them out to all our friends.

Wave good-bye Paul

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