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Friday, July 13, 2012

My Slow Takes (vol. 57)

1. There are many bloggers who enjoy sharing pictures of their cats. I don’t like cats but I love Alf. A humorous video from the Alf television series.

2. Tuesday morning I read Jennifer’s blog “A conversation with my gay friend.” Again she has approached an issue that most people would avoid. I was going to leave a comment but after reading the existing comments realized there was nothing I could add. Some descriptive words from the comments made; “well said, great job of articulating, a good guide, incredibly amazing, great post, beautiful, wonderful, awesome, enlightening, very powerful.” 
I liked what she wrote and feel that she approached the issue from a firm foundation. Thank you Jen.
3. I don’t eat at Chick-fil-a. On Friday, July the 13th they are having a “cow appreciation day.” Dress up as a cow and you can get a free meal. If you wear a partial cow costume you get a free entree. (There is a downloadable cow starter set.) Some of our IT staff informed me of this event and are going to use the cow starter set. I am not promoting this, just providing some general information.

4. I read an interesting article by Dan Vergano in “The Arizona Republic.” There is a study by the Harvard Medical School that utilized genetic data to determine the migration patterns of early “Native Americans.” It suggests that the migration took place in three waves. What I found interesting is the last paragraph of the article.
“A pattern of ancient people mixing, rather than completely running each other off their land, ‘is becoming more clear,’ Reich says. That’s seen in studies of European, Asian and African people, and now in North and South America.”
There are those who have a concern about their origins. I enjoy researching my family history and have learned some things. One of the most interesting to me is that my family is a mixture of cultures. North American Indian, French, Scottish, Irish and English, and these are just the main ones. God created us all and I believe His intent was to have us all be sisters and brothers loving each other. He didn’t create just one culture, He created man and woman. 

5. My Dad had Alzheimer’s and there is a good possibility that I will also have it. Over five million people in the United States suffer from this disease. There is no cure but hopefully as research continues there will be a way to control it. Knowledge and early diagnosis are the tools that can help both the patient and the caretaker.
Read the article by Janice Lloyd in USA Today.
Pray for those who have Alzheimer’s. 
Pray for their families.

6. Last night there was a small fire at Lucy’s, my mother-in-law, apartment complex. Fortunately she was at our house and missed all the commotion. There were no injuries and it was contained to one apartment on the third floor. Lucy’s apartment is on the first floor and has some minor water damage. She’ll be spending the weekend with us.
7. Next week is my historical gaming convention, Historicon. My son Todd will be joining me this year so I’m really looking forward to it.

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