"Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset." Saint Francis De Sales

Friday, July 6, 2012

My Slow Takes (vol. 56)

1. A strong, unexpected storm came charging in late Friday night. We lost power around 11PM and didn’t get it back until 3AM Sunday morning. There was no damage in our neighborhood and nothing reported from friends and family. Thank you Lord!
The good news is that two weeks ago I bought a 7000 watt generator for this type of situation. Early Saturday morning I set it up and connected our two refrigerators, some electric fans and had a line for coffee, toaster and other accessory items. The weather was sunny and hot, 100 or so temperature, but we adjusted well. Dee called our friends Brenda and Lou and since they had power Dee said we would bring pizza over. Lou decided it was more fun to grill steak, so off we went. It was an enjoyable relaxing evening. 
Everything was back to normal on Sunday. Went to church, where the air conditioning was not working but the homily was. Dee put together a picnic luncheon for the family as though nothing had ever happened. What a wonderful energetic woman.
2. Jennifer Fulwiler wrote an article in the “National Catholic Register” in May of this year. I missed it but read it this week. The title is “5 Questions Before You Leave the Catholic Church.” Reading each of these questions made me realize that these can also be used as “5 Reasons I’m Still a Catholic.”
We are continually being reminded of the “problems” of the Church. Issues with our Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and Rome. They are human and make the same mistakes that we do. The same is true for Federal, State and local governments as well as corporations and organizations of any size. All being managed by people. God gave us free will and the “evil one” introduced us to sin. It’s a tough life but He is there to help us deal with these issues. 
Leaving Him or the Church is something I don’t contemplate. There is no better place to be nor any better set of teachings. My mornings spent in prayer prepare me for the day. I know that He is with me as my journey continues. Life with Him and the Church is beautiful and rewarding.

3. I bought many DC comic books when I was a youngster. These advertisements always had me bugging my parents about getting these sets. It never worked, but we did have a great selection of the Marx sets which we received every Christmas. My mom worked for Sears & Roebuck and would take us to the toy section right after Thanksgiving weekend. She had us select a series of toys that we wanted Santa to bring us. The Marx sets were always on the top of my list. Beautiful memories that I will always cherish.

4. It’s 7AM on Wednesday and I’m sitting on the porch enjoying the morning coolness. Finished my readings and waiting for Dee to join me. A bird just flew into the screen. First time I’ve ever had that happen. No damage to the bird but it did surprise me. This morning we’re heading out to spend half the day with Todd and his family and the rest of the day with Stephen and his family. We're looking forward to "fun and relaxation." 
5. I haven’t been jogging in a number of years. Driving to work each morning I usually pass at least one jogger and sometimes two or three. They all are wired to a music device. It would be nest to know what type of music they listen to. I would probably listen to some Cat Stevens, Randy Travis, Alan Jackson or Matt Maher.

6. Dee and I are going to spend the day with my brother Tom and his wife Karen. We haven't seen them in a while and have a lot to talk about. Their son Chris is getting married in September so we'll be attending a "couples shower as well."

7. I missed the “It’s a Love Song Link-up” on Monday. Here is our love song.

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