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Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Slow Takes (vol. 45)

1. Bonnie’s blog has an update on Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen and the status of his canonization. Please read the blog for details and the prayer for his canonization.
"Earlier this week I received an email from the executive director of the Sheen Foundation with news that the date for the review of the Positio by the "ordinaries" (Cardinals and Bishop who advise the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints) has been set for May 15, 2012.  (The Positio is the official "position paper" explaining why the Catholic Church should declare Sheen a saint.)"

2. I have an “App” on my iPod that provides me the pollen number where I live. Today is 10.6 which is high. The forecast for the next few days; 1.0 for Sunday, 7.1 for Monday and 10.0 for Tuesday. At the beginning of the month the numbers were in the high 10s to 11. Life is looking good for those of us that suffer from allergies. We should be seeing the end of the pollen soon.
3. This has been house project planning week. We are working on painting the downstairs area, landscaping the lawn and taking down trees. Each project requires a different contractor. A time consuming research effort that is worth the undertaking.
4. I completed one of my proxy votes this week and selected “no” for pay raises for the board members. It is bothersome that we have to vote on the issue. We are in an economic recovery that does not appear to be working as well as it should. Those who are in positions of authority need to be less concerned about their income. There is too much greed and not enough “service to others.” Where have we failed?
USA Today had an article written by John Waggoner and Matt Krantz. The following was an interesting comment. “Is this the start of a trend in which millions of investors rise up against outrageous pay for middling — or worse — executives? Probably not.” 

5. Last night Dee and I went to the Byrd Theatre. The feature movie was Walt Disney’s John Carter
It is a trip back into history when you go to the Byrd Theatre. In 2008 the theater celebrated it’s 80th birthday. Just sitting there looking at the huge crystal chandelier, the hand painted murals and the gold and crimson colors made me feel like I was back in the 1900s. 
The movie was not successful for the Disney studios. It lost two million dollars and soon afterward the CEO, Rich Ross retired. However, I grew up on the writings of Edgar Rice Burroughs and John Carter was one of my childhood heroes. So for me this just added to my enjoyment of the evening. I was caught up in the theater surroundings, my childhood memories and sharing this with Dee. I loved the movie and don’t agree with the movie critics who were unkind in their reviews. See the movie and judge for yourself.

6. A gathering of historical gamers by Iron Mitten.

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