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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cold Wars 2012 Historical Convention

Cold Wars 2012 was another great historical miniature weekend. The weather was cold but no rain or snow. I took part in two games, Riding With The Cid, hosted by Phil Viverito and the Battle of Chrysler's Farm, hosted by Ron Oldham. Both scenarios were well done and allowed for smooth and exciting games.
I don’t enjoy a game that gets “bogged down” waiting for things to happen. Phil and Ron make sure that everyone is involved and that there is plenty of action. The rules to both games were easy to follow and allowed us to enjoy the historical aspects of the battle. 
When we are not gaming, there is a vendor area for buying figures, dice, paint, terrain, books and anything else related to historical miniatures. If you want to trade or sell there is a flea market. 
Our wives, Dee and Lynne, are not gamers. However, Lancaster, PA has plenty of outlets and everything Amish. They managed to keep themselves busy while we gamed.
The photos are from my iPod, which I’m still learning to use.

Riding With The Cid

Chrysler Farm

Inside The Castle

The Castle Street

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